Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What is Privacy? OAIC are showing us the way.

When looking for a new home we like to see photos of what the house looks like but for a tenant/home owner are there any rules that govern what photos the real estate agent takes and is there anything you can do if you are unhappy about the photos they have taken.

The OAIC's fifth video in their Privacy series tell us,'Is my real estate agent aloud to take photos in my house?'

________________________________________________________________________________ If your neighbour has a security camera and you are concerned about your Privacy the OAIC's latest video gives you some advice on what you can do to apease the situation.

The OAIC's fourth video in their Privacy series tell us,'What can i do about my neighbours security camers?'

We all have personal information held by organisations, but how do you access that information, are you able to just ask for it or might you have to pay or wait for an extended period of time, and then what if it is incorrect are you able to make changes where you need to?

The OAIC's third video in their Privacy series tell us,'How do I access my personal information?'

If you know that personal information about you has been mishandled what should you do, and how do you go about making a complaint?

The OAIC's second video in their Privacy series tell us, 'How do I make a privacy complaint?'

Following on from PRIVACY AWARENESS WEEK in May 2014 when CQR were partners of the OAIC (The Office of Australia Information Commissioner), the OAIC have released the first a series of 5 video's which are designed to help individuals learn more about PRIVACY and the common concerns they may have.

All of the video's are to be release over the next 2 weeks and we will be here to support the OAIC in spreading the word on PRIVACY.

The first in the series is 'What is Privacy?'

Further information on the changes to the PRIVACY ACT can be found on the OAIC website.

Sarah Taylor

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