Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Privacy Awareness Week Day 2: Protect your privacy online

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According to the OAIC 74% of Australians are more concerned about their online privacy than they were five years ago. So what can you do about it?

How often do you check your privacy settings?
Social media sites frequently update their settings and this may occur without your knowledge.  These changes will include changes to the look and feel of their website or how they interact with you or how they manage the security settings.  So it is important to periodically check your own settings and ensure only those you wish to see your information can.

Do you have to provide everything to everyone online!?
For example, consider whether you are happy for personal information such as your birth date to be made publically available.  When signing up for websites or newsletters do they really need your real birthdate or can you give a fake one? Remember who you are protecting.

Releasing your personal information is your choice!

8 simple steps for staying safe online
  1. When asked for personal information, ask what it will be used for.
  2. You don’t need to share everything about yourself on Social Media.
  3. Think about the information you want to share.
  4. Before you hand over your email address read the website privacy policy and find out how they will use the email address you provide.
  5. Check for encryption and use secure payment methods when shopping online. Look for https: connections when transferring confidential information (Banks use these secure communications for example when you log in).  This demonstrates that you have a secure connection with the website.
  6. Tick the ‘opt out’ box on forms if you don’t want to receive marketing communications.
  7. Set strong passwords, especially for important online accounts such as banking and avoid using the same password for all accounts.
  8. Know your privacy rights, visit www.oaic.gov.au

You can find more information on your privacy rights and Privacy Awareness Week from the OAICwebsite
Or for more hints and tips go to www.staysmartonline.gov.au

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Yvonne Sears
Senior Security Specialist

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