Friday, 21 February 2014

Managing a Data Breach

If you've ever watched a home renovation show on TV, you'll know that one of the biggest problems is the weather.  Rain in particular is a real pain if you don't yet have a roof, as it leaks everywhere, damages everything and stops work completely.  If you are doing the renovation privately, the best thing to do is patch up the damage, redecorate and tell no-one.  However if there is a TV crew around you don't have that option.

With the impending revisions to the privacy laws, this is exactly the place Australian business is about to find itself.  If you have a breach today the best advice is to patch up the damage, redecorate and tell no-one.  Within a couple of months however it will be as if there is a virtual TV crew around all the time, and businesses won't have a choice about having to admit their failure to protect personal information.

Unsurprisingly, vendors are having a field day promoting the new privacy laws, trying to sell umbrellas, wallpaper and camera blinding equipment.  Personally I think businesses should just build a watertight roof and stop the leaks happening in the first place.
Phil Kernick @philkernick

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