Tuesday, 19 November 2013

CQR insights: Security Awareness Training Video’s

This year at CQR we were proud to launch a new service with the development of our Security Awareness Training Video’s. It is exciting to be the only company within Australia who can offer this method of information security training. The videos have been designed and developed using the knowledge from experts in their field who work here at CQR.

The video’s are designed to help all staff at organisations large or small to understand the importance and sensitivity of the information they handle and need to protect. The videos also provide the tools and tricks on how to be ‘Security Smart’.

It is a common misconception that staff already know how to protect their information not only within the office but at home and on the move. Too often this is not the case which can lead to go breaches occurring. Each video incorporates visual animation and human speech, with expert advice from our Information Security Guru who gives practical advice to assist in avoiding those simple mistakes.

There are 14 video’s available covering a spectrum of information security topics including Protecting your Digital Identity, Safe Internet Use, Workplace Security, BYOD and Social Media. They are each a maximum of two and half minutes in length and are available in a variety of presentation formats suitable for online delivery.  CQR will also provide a Q&A document for each video for staff training assessments.

For further information please check out our training section on our website www.cqr.com/information-security-training and get in touch with us either through the website or by calling our office on 1300 277 001.

Sarah Taylor
@cqr www.cqr.com


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  2. The it security awareness training gives the information that how to protect their information within the office as well as at home and on the move...
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