Friday, 23 August 2013

Game of Phones

Apple iOS 7 will be released next month, and it's time for us to once again declare our allegiance to our feudal technology overlords.  Overlords that are starting to feel remarkably like those from the popular HBO TV show.

Blackberry is House Stark.  Solid, loyal, dependable, secure and dead.  Their only hope are their bastard offspring.

Android is House Lannister.  They have spent many years behind the scenes manipulating the empire, and have only recently seen the opportunity to show their power openly.  Technologically dominant, and masters of strategy, they are sure they can think their way to the top, and then hold it.  Security comes through threat, rapid change and the culling of the weak.

iPhone is House Targaryen.  They have come from out of the wilderness and they have dragons, an ancient mystery that has not been harnessed by anyone in living memory.  They also have a sexy leader, and everyone emotionally wants to get behind them.  But after the initial revelations at the end of the first season, there really hasn't been anything new for the last two years.  Security comes through central control and fervent loyalty of the followers.

Windows is House Baratheon.  They were once dominant, but time has passed them by, and internal bickering stops them from really being a force any more.  Because they have ruled in the past, they believe they have the absolute right to rule in the future.  Security isn't a concern, only survival, but only the most loyal followers expect anything other than a spectacular crash.

The thing to remember is that the only winners in the Game of Phones are the main houses.  If you are a peasant or vassal - and in reality we all are - then the best we can do is raise our flag in support of one of the main houses, and hope they don't sacrifice us for their greater good.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

Phil Kernick Chief Technology Officer

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